Elena has always had a passion for serving those in need and has volunteered with various children’s charities over the years. In 2010 she founded what is now Branches Crew, Inc. Her goal was to create a non-profit benefiting local children and have 100% of donations go directly to the beneficiary. Elena also works as a practicing Physician Assistant, Academic Medical Instructor, advisor and most importantly, a mother. She truly enjoys working with children. Her mission is to increase community support, wellness and resources for children in need so that they have the tools they need to develop into a successful future.




Kristie started with the Branches crew as a tutor in 2018 and joined the Branches Crew Board in February of 2019. Her professional background in healthcare has just been the beginning of her passion and drive to help those in need. She has obtained her master’s degree in Healthcare Administration and would ultimately love to work in pediatrics to dedicate her time and resources to assist children. She believes that all children should be given the same opportunities to gain an education and that they should have access to all their daily necessities.




Massimo Borrelli joined the Branches Crew Board of Directors in 2011 as Treasurer. He has a Business and Finance background and is a successful entrepreneur. Massimo has a passion for mentoring children, with his goal being to teach them how to be financially smart as well as providing children with basic resources and knowledge needed to get a solid start in life. 


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Patricia (Pat) Kubic joined our board in June, 2016. Prior to that, you could call her resume “interesting". She started her career in Human Resources in  both the non-profit and for-profit worlds. About 15 years later, she took a hard left turn and became an entrepreneur. She owned and operated her own business for ten years. After she closed her business, she began another new adventure and became a writer. Pat writes a monthly column for four local small and mid-sized newspapers. But included in all those various arenas was the fact that she is grateful for what she has and for the opportunities that were presented to her. And it is that gratitude that propels her to lessen the burdens on families, children and animals.



Mary Beth Giordano joined the board in June, 2018. Mary Beth is a graduate of Central Michigan University, where she received a MS in HR Administration and Oakland University, receiving a BS in HR Management. Mary Beth has 30 years of experience in a variety of HR positions and is currently with Ford Motor Company. She is also the mother of two successful adult children and very grateful for the joy they have brought to her life. Mary Beth joined the Branches Crew to help and support local children in need in the hopes of making life at least a little better for them.



Rachel joined the Branches Crew board in February 2019. Rachel is currently pursuing her Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree at Oakland University. She has always wanted a career working with children as she was originally pursing a degree in elementary education. Her interests to work with children in need sparked while working on pediatric floors during her clinical rotations. Rachel is passionate about providing assistance to those who lack support and opportunities to be successful in life.

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